Our Event With Alex

We held our monthly Wellness Party at Spring Place on July 25th , inviting our following for a seated Rejuvenation Flow practice lead by CARAVAN teacher Alex Scolari.

“Through our seated Rejuvenation Flow practice, we moved and breathed together as one,” CARAVAN teacher Alex Scolari said. “We were able to get out of our heads and into our hearts.”

Whether one was a beginner to intermediate yogi- or completely new to the practice- the seated Rejuvenation Flow was doable for all levels and combined meditative breathing with yogic poses of which guests could perform freely within our event space.

"Close your eyes, come back to your breath and tune inward to find a sense of ease and peace"

Alex said that this combination, “is not only meditative, but therapeutic,” as she gradually guided the event through a formula of seated poses, including seated mountain, cactus, twists, rag doll pose, and half-moon- to name a few.

The practice also incorporated a popular CARAVAN technique, Ujjayi breath, which provides relaxation and brain stimulation from a production of deep vibrations in the back of the throat.

All guests were asked to check-in with themselves to see how their bodies felt after the practice was completed.

Guests stretched and recounted their pleasant experiences with each other, and also one-by-one shared their names and favorite wellness practices with the group.

Once our discussion closed, Alex shared a final, optimistic message with our community.

“My hope is that after this beautiful event, guests will know that even with all of our busy lives and crazy schedules that your breath is there for you,” Alex said. “It’s key to close your eyes, come back to your breath and tune inward to find a sense of ease and peace."

Try out our class "Ocean Breath" to feel the power of Ujjayi breathing first-hand. Click here to learn more about our teacher Alex and to enjoy her CARAVAN lessons. 



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