Strike A Pose


Body Language = Communication


Humans thrive on communication. While many of us use speech as a means of vocalizing our opinions, less acknowledged is the simple fact that not all communication is verbal. Whether or not we are aware of our actions, humans constantly express themselves through body language and movement. In fact, acts of power are displayed through open and expansive stances, while those with a lack of power have closed off and narrow poses.  These simple gestures have the power to determine how others interpret our attitudes. 




Can Striking a Pose Influence Behavior?


It is clear our posture has an impact on the way people view us, but what is even more surprising is that our stance can actually change how we view ourselves. This is where "power posing" comes in handy. Power posing is defined as a physical pose that can be used to create a sense of confidence and assertiveness in social situations. This psychological and physiological phenomenon elevates levels of testosterone and decreases levels of cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone." This easy technique has been proven to result in higher degrees of self-esteem and assurance. To learn more about striking a pose, check out the Power Posing Series! 


Benefits of Power Posing


Take advantage of this effortless strategy by posing for just two or more minutes each day. This practice can lead to a world of difference.  Posing not only exudes higher self-esteem to others but it also directly affects your own behavior.

  • Increased feelings of confidence and power
  • Heightened levels of self-efficacy
  • Greater tolerance for risk



When is it Useful?


This practice is useful for any occasion, anytime, anywhere! Before your next big exam, interview, or important meeting, take the time to strike a pose. Make sure to give yourself that extra boost of power you need to be your best and most confident self. Power posing is also especially useful for leaders and/or executives who can use power posing to convey a sense of assertiveness and dominance. Such a straightforward yet effective tool is definitely one to keep in mind.

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