Quality Over Quantity 

A 75-year study determined how to be happier.


Improve cognitive function with this phrase.

Breath-Focused Meditation

Help the brain grow new connections.

Corporate Wellness Benefits

Corporate wellness improves employee satisfaction. 


Liver Detoxification

Learn how to keep the liver happy and healthy.

Love Art, Live Longer!

Art and music can increase life expectancy.

Bone Broth For Gut Health

Drinking bone broth can help aid wellness.

Running for Longevity 

Running is proven to help you live a longer life. 

Productive Journaling

The benefits of writing therapy on your health.

The Alexander Technique

Lasting improvements for neck and back pain.

The Law Of Attraction

Learn how to improve your future wellbeing. 

You Deserve A Nap

Mid-day naps can lower high blood pressure.

Heal With Your Fingertips

Tapping on the body's Chinese meridian points.

Boost Productivity

How confidence can increase productivity. 

Appreciate Your Vacation

Vacations can reduce the risk of disease.

Sleep Longer, Live Longer! 

Sleep is not an option, but a necessity. 

Gut Health 101

Learn how to keep your gut in its best shape.

The Holistic Health Approach

Holistic health focuses on the entire body.

Live Longer With Friends

Long term benefits of maintaining friendships.

They're So Your "Type"

Having a "type" is a science-backed fact. 

Trick Your Brain 

Facial expressions can effect your emotions.

Body Positivity 

Body image comes from a positive mind. 


Improve cognitive function with this phrase.

Exercises For Depression

Mindfulness exercises can reduce depression. 

10 Minute Transformation

10-minutes can transform your health.

Rewire Your Brain 

Negative thinking affects your wellbeing.

Cat-Cow Pose For Travel

The Cat-Cow pose can aid you in your travels. 

Breath-Focused Meditation

Help the brain grow new connections.

Eating Mindfully

Learn to develop healthier eating habits.

Surprising Benefits Of Coffee

The benefits from your morning cup of coffee. 

Stay Happy With A Smile 

Smiling can boost your mood and happiness.

Children's Yoga

Benefits of bringing your child to yoga.

The Science Of Ujjayi Breath

Ujjayi Breathing can benefit your wellbeing. 

Nadi Shodhan Pranayama

Benefits of ancient yogic breathing techniques.

Tips For College Students

Holistic wellness for college students. 


Build A Morning Routine

Create meaningful routines to start your day. 

Pessimism vs. Optimism

The connection between optimism and health.

When Should You Workout?

Three factors affecting your workout. 

Yoga Is The Best Medicine

The long-term benefits of practicing yoga.

Quality Over Quantity 

A 75-year study determined how to be happier.

Visualization For Success 

Achieve your dreams through visualizations. 

Live In The Moment

Becoming more present leads to happiness.

Corporate Wellness Benefits

Corporate wellness improves employee satisfaction. 


Carbs Vs. The Human Body

There are two types of carbs, which is better?

Water With Lemon Please

Benefits of drinking lemon water.

Junk Food Wars

Learn why junk food is described as "junk".


Dance To The Rhythm

How dance effects your body and mind.

Pilates For The People

Combination of physical and mental exercises.

Combine Meditation & Exercise

Effects of combining meditation with exercise.

Fitness In Your Own Home

Learn how to exercise without leaving home.


Sleep Is For the Strong

Sleep is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. 

Migraine Medicine 

Migraines can be a common cause of pain. 

Strike A Pose

A power pose creates a sense of confidence.

Natural Skin Care Regimes

The importance of keeping your skin healthy.


Light Your Way With Palo Santo

Discover how to use the palo santo practice today.

Meditation Made For You And Me

Reflect on thoughts, relax the mind, and let yourself breath.

A Sacred Space For Everyone

CARAVAN wants you to feel safe within yourself.


Spirituality Of The Soul

Spirituality is the idea of being one with yourself.

Travel For The Spirit

One of the many reasons people travel is to find themselves.

Mindfulness Over Matter 

Mindfulness involves enjoying and living in the moment. 


Flow With Vinyasa

This practice combines effortless movement of different postures. 

Yoga: Transform Yourself Today

Yoga is a practice of physical, mental and spiritual exercises.


Meditative Journaling

Focus Meditation

Mindful Yoga Flow

Strength and Conditioning

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